Red Turkey Oil

₹4,100.00 /Drum
CAS NO 8002-33-3
Price 82.00/kilogram
Packaging Type Drum
Packaging Weight 50 Kilogram/Drum
Packaging Unit Kilogram
Molecular Formula -

Other Description

Grade : Industrial
Purity : 75%
Origin : Indian
Qty /Drum
₹4,100.00 /Drum
*Exclusive GST : @5 %
  • turkey red oil
  • red turkey oil
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  • Deliver To Nearest Transport Area
  • Self Transport - Ex Godown
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  • Netbanking
  • EMI
Seller Information
Occupation Importer
City/ Area SONEPAT
Verified Seller
Product Name Red turkey oil
Product Cas Number 8002-33-3
Product Alias Name 1. turkey red oil, 2. red turkey oil, 
Product Iupac Number Red turkey oil
Product Molecular Formula -
Product Atomic Group Carboxylic group
Product Application Oil industry

Product Description

Appearance Amber coloured Viscous liquid. Melting point < 0°C Boiling Point > 150°C Solubility Miscible in Water, gives a clear solution. Specific Gravity 1.015@20°C for 50% and 1.03@20°C for 70% Sulphonation degree Minimum 4.0
* This certificate of analysis report & MSDS is computer generated as per the reference from seller

Product Description


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